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Firearms, Freedom and Family: The Values That Drive Daniel Defense

Firearms, Freedom and Family: The Values That Drive Daniel Defense

Marty Daniel’s journey into the firearms industry began when an unexpected opportunity inspired enterprising ingenuity. The roots of Daniel Defense, now a global leader in premium AR-15-pattern rifles and components, lie in Marty’s passion for shooting and being business savvy, turning a few spare custom rifle parts into a business that achieved $73 million in sales in 2016.

While Marty and wife Cindy masterfully steer the company towards success, the engine of progress for Daniel Defense is the couple’s commitment to supporting and defending the life’s blood of their very industry: firearms, freedom and family.

The Daniels’ dedication to building the finest firearms possible is matched by their desire to protect the liberties that allow Americans to enjoy them. Profits are important, but people are more important.

People, including the 290 employees ply their expertise at the company’s facilities in Black Creek, Georgia and Ridgeland, South Carolina, to turn out the revered rifles and gear that bears the Daniel name.

People, such as those who exercise their Second Amendment rights through the enjoyment of the shooting sports, the value of self-defense, and the application of arms in military and law enforcement roles.

People, like those in the National Rifle Association who fight tirelessly to beat back repeated attacks on the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens across the country and preserve the liberties we hold so dear.

The Daniels see these people as family, and pour their resources into supporting them and their common cause. The riflemaker is amongst the foremost supporters of the NRA over the past decade, contributing to and working closely with the nation’s oldest civil rights group to spearhead fundraising efforts necessary to the continued defense of gun rights in the country.

Just as Marty and Cindy understand the NRA is the fiercest protector of the Second Amendment, they too understand that their employees are the force that pushes their empire forth. Their staff works not only for the company, but for the cause. As such, the Daniels purchased NRA memberships for all of their 290 employees.

Yes, that’s right – all employees are NRA members.

With the NRA’s 146th Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Georgia – the Daniels’ home state – approaching in late April, the Daniels saw the perfect opportunity to put the new memberships to perfect use, arranging for two charter buses to round up and take every employee to Atlanta.

Marty said his team members need to experience the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits for themselves to truly appreciate and understand not only the impact Daniel Defense has on the thousands of NRA members who see and handle their products in the exhibit hall, but to immerse themselves in the community that makes the company’s success possible.

The Daniels, their staff, and over 5 million members of the NRA stand together to face today’s challenges and tomorrow’s battles, bound by their shared goal of everything worth fighting for: our firearms, our freedom, and our family.

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