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Tonight on NRA All Access...

Tonight on NRA All Access...

Tonight on a brand new episode of NRA All Access...

NRA All Access heads to Michigan to meet actor, comedian, and former Fox News contributor Steven Crowder. As a man of many talents, Crowder can also be found hosting his weekly talk show, Louder With Crowder. 

Running as the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web, hundreds of celebrities and politicians join his show to discuss pop culture and politics. Crowder is not only passionate about his beliefs but understands (and picks fun at) the contrast between the older generations and younger/millennials in where their values lie – especially when it comes to understanding the Second Amendment. It might seem as if Crowder uses these differences to have a good laugh but what he really wants is to educate others with his YouTube videos, comedic satire and radio show.

Crowder sits down with NRA All Access to find out why his belief in the right to bear arms/Second Amendment is so important and Steven’s overall focus with the messages he shares.

Later in the episode, we learn how the NRA is expanding firearms training to the fast growing number of first-time gun owners. With more than 125,000 NRA Certified Instructors and online courses made available, it’s never been easier to learn basic firearm skills.

The brand new NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting blended learning course is designed to maximize the value of a live instructor and range time by covering appropriate topics via online training before the student arrives at the range for the instructor portion. Taking to the new e-learning platform allows individuals to learn at their own pace, learn at times convenient to them, standardized course information, higher quality course materials, and maximizing the value of range time!

NRA All Access sits down with wife and mother Rebecca Lehnert to learn how the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course has fit into her busy life of family, work, and school. 

Catch the full episode today Wednesday, August 10 at 7pm ET on Outdoor Channel!

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