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You Don't Want to Test Your Luck Against This Unique Pocket Pistol

You Don't Want to Test Your Luck Against This Unique Pocket Pistol

We all know that Lady Luck had quite the reputation. She could be found in any Nineteenth Century gambling parlor throughout the country and she never showed up empty handed. But during a time where firearms were checked at the door, how is a lady supposed to protect herself? Luckily, there was the Gamechanger. 


The Gamechanger is a compact single-shot .22 that fit inside a well-worn deck of cards. You see, management would peer into the Lady's purse and only see a deck of cards, a common talisman of the experienced gambler. 

A button on the back of the deck served as the gun's very touchy trigger allowing it to be fired at a moments notice. This handy little weapon was perfect for Lady Luck as all she needed was one shot. However, its design required it to be disassembled after every shot. 

The Lady long forgot the name of the artist of this unique pistol but its craftsmanship and ingenuity is unmatched.

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Still can't get enough? Thanks to John Belli and ModVic, LLC., you can view the Gamechanger at the NRA National Firearms Museum in the new Steampunk Guns exhibit opening Friday, June 12th.

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