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What Your NRA Decal Really Says About You

What Your NRA Decal Really Says About You

Where do we even begin in responding to the father who authored the piece, “What Your NRA Decal Says About You.” Our fingers can’t move fast enough with the rampant thoughts racing through our minds at the fallacy and complete, utter inaccuracy of his preconceived assumptions.

But, let’s take a deep breath, and use some thought, and discern the words he so haphazardly strung together.

For starters, “I took down the comments and won’t be approving anymore for this post” – that in itself should already be enough…

But in case it isn’t…

The NRA is comprised of the 5 million men and women who believe in community, country, and who you can trust to act when one will not. They are moms, dads, daughters, sons, friends, and coworkers who have chosen to take the steps to protect themselves, their friends, their family and their neighbors. They proudly and confidently display a decal on their car, so you know who they are, good guys with guns.

So why is he so afraid of them?

The decal NRA members so proudly display in their car window is simple: we believe in the right to protect and defend themselves, their family and their friends. He asks, “Yet, how am I to know that you are not the next “good guy with a gun” to snap?” … well, “How are we to know when the next “bad guy (aka criminal) will snap?” ...I’ll bet he wishes there’s a good guy with a gun close by. Armed citizens are saving lives every day. There’s proof.

The decal NRA members so proudly display in their car window is simple: we believe that carrying a gun is about responsibility. The NRA is a world leader in firearms safety training – offering more than 30 different training and safety programs. There are currently over 120,000 certified instructors, and over 65,000 law enforcement instructors have gone through NRA training programs as well. The NRA has programs designed and dedicated to educating and training men and women of all ages. Over 28 million school children have been taught gun safety through our award-winning Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program. Communities and law enforcement all over the country are teaching Refuse To Be A Victim® seminars.

But all these facts are meaningless to someone blinded by the media portrayal of firearms, and the agenda of politicians who believe more gun laws is the solution. The same individuals and politicians who seek to protect themselves with armed security, but don’t believe everyone else should have the right to protect themselves.

What are you going to do when there’s danger, an emergency? You’re going to call the good guys with guns.

The decal NRA members so proudly display in their car window is simple: we do care. It angers us and breaks our hearts just the same to see such senseless acts of violence. But to paint a picture that being a responsible gun owner means we are heartless and cruel, is well, heartless and cruel. Being a responsible gun owner actually means we do care – for the safety of ourselves, our friends, our family, our neighbors – we care to be prepared, we care to protect.

So, how does it feel to know that the 5 million moms, dads, daughters, sons, friends and co-workers who could be in that car in front of you is NOT afraid of what you might be doing because they proudly display that NRA decal in the rear window of their car?

Good guys can have guns.

That is what the NRA decal displayed in the rear window of a car tells us.

Is that fair?

We think so.

UPDATE 5:32pm ET: It looks like the blogger has made his original post private, but you can still read the original article here

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