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Last Call For 2019 Youth Education Summit Applications

Last Call For 2019 Youth Education Summit Applications

Attention high school juniors and sophomores; this is the last call for applications for the 2019 NRA Youth Education Summit!

Entry into the program requires submission of a completed application form, a high school transcript, a three-page essay on the Second Amendment, a personal statement, and three letters of recommendation. Those interested in participating in the 2018 National Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) must have their application post-marked no later than next Friday, January 25, 2019.

The application process alone provides a valuable learning experience, as 2016 Y.E.S. alumna Serena Juchnowski from Ohio attests. “I applied to the 2015 Y.E.S., but, due to the high number of qualified applicants that year, I was not selected,” she shares. “I do not regret, though, any minute spent working on my 2015 application. It not only expedited my 2016 application, but it also compelled me to collect information incredibly useful for applying to colleges.”

And those are just the obvious bonus benefits. “The real value is in what I learned and what I am sure every applicant learns while researching for the essay, requesting recommendations, and truly evaluating what the Second Amendment and patriotism means to him or her,” Serena continues. “I see those individuals who take the time to apply to Y.E.S. as hope for the future. The more youths who apply, the more competitive the program and the more patriotic Americans inspired to preserve the Second Amendment there are in the coming generations.”

Y.E.S. is open to high school sophomores and juniors across the nation who want to experience an unforgettable week in Washington, D.C.—a week spent developing as leaders, learning about U.S. history and politics, and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. Session one of the 2019 program will be held July 8-14, 2019, and session two will be held July 22-28, 2019. Attendees compete for up to $50,000 in college scholarships awarded at the end of each session. Students are judged on debates and activities held during the summit and their overall participation and leadership throughout the week.

“No matter how I try to explain the best week of my life, I am certain that the experience itself is completely indescribable,” says Caitlyn Callaway, a 2017 participant from Texas. “What I can say is that the 2017 Youth Education Summit has changed me. I have deeper pride in my roots as an American, I have a better appreciation of the differences and similarities between people in this country, and I now have a family with members from across this blessed nation. I will forever remember the lessons, experiences, and memories that I gained at the 2017 NRA Youth Education Summit.”

If you are ready to Lead the Legacy, make sure to finish your application soon and have it postmarked no later than January 25Be a part of the Youth Education Summit to Lead Today, Transform Tomorrow, and Inspire Change.

For additional information on the 2019 Youth Education Summit and how to apply, please visit yes.nra.org, email [email protected] or call 1-800-672-3888, ext. 1351.

Originally published January 3, 2018

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