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A Second Amendment Spring Break, Part 3: 'Nawlins'

A Second Amendment Spring Break, Part 3: 'Nawlins'

Liberty University student Riley Hayes and his friend John are traveling the U.S. on a 10-day spring break, stopping at historic and significant sites along the way in support of the Second Amendment and the movement toward National Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Follow along on NRA Blog!

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March 17, Part 2:

The sky was much clearer by the time we made it to the Mississippi line, and we had great weather until sunset! We stopped at a Shell station in Mississippi and saw two horse trailers with a paint and a chestnut in one, and a paint in the other. The Mississippi River (or “Mister Slippy” river, as the coolest geography professor on the block would say) did not disappoint, and it was easy to see how that river helped Americans in the Midwest get their products to New Orleans quickly. 

Once we got to Louisiana, the highway went over the swamp, so instead of riding on solid ground we were on cement stilts that seemed to be drilled into the swamp bed. I can’t imagine how time consuming it must’ve been to build that highway. It’s about 3:30 p.m. now and we’re both getting hungry, so I asked a friend from Baton Rouge what the best diner in New Orleans is. She recommended R&O’s Restaurant and Catering. The food was awesome, the staff was nice, and they didn’t have any “gun-free zone” signs anywhere! If you’re in New Orleans, give it a try!

We left R&O’s around 5:30 p.m. with seven hours and 40 minutes left until our stop on I-10. Along the way we stopped at the Texas Welcome Center, which sadly was closed. They had some very cool structures outside though; a cut-out of the state, and a massive star. We got to talking with a lady last night who was on the road from South Carolina to work with a fair in Texas, and she was pro Second Amendment as well! They had taken a different route than we had, having gone eastward through Atlanta, while we stuck westward through Chattanooga.

We finally got the Guadalupe County Rest Area, which was the stopping point we had picked for its closeness to San Antonio, and the distance from the suburbs. After a long, but fun day, the stop to sleep was needed! 

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