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Five Pocket Holsters For Your Concealed Carry Pistol

Five Pocket Holsters For Your Concealed Carry Pistol

The concealed carry trend has exploded across America, with more and more Americans purchasing and carrying firearms for self-defense. The firearm options available are as diverse as gun owners themselves, and the ways in which users carry and conceal those firearms are even more varied.

Depending on the size and model of your firearm, how and where you intend to carry, what orientation you draw and shoot from, and various other considerations, there are numerous holster types and options to fit these needs.

Many gun owners start out with large pistols and determine after time that a smaller pistol may be a more suitable option for situations in which a larger gun may be inconvenient or uncomfortable. Pocket pistols are generally small in size, lightweight, designed with rounded edges and have very few external controls, which helps prevent snagging during presentation. As such, they are comfortable to carry and easy to conceal. 

Pocket holsters allow users to carry these smaller pistols without having to wear on their hip, which may be more comfortable than traditional inside-the-waistband carry and may provide even deeper concealment. A gun carried in a pocket without a holster may rotate so that its butt is downward when you go to access it, making presentation more difficult. Also, even the smallest pistols will tend to print through clothing and may alarm a reasonably observant person.

Pocket holsters that fit inside the pocket and hold a small pistol serve both to orient the gun in a consistent position and break up the gun's outline through clothing. The main strength of a pocket holster is that they allow concealment of a pocket pistol with virtually any type of clothing. They are extremely convenient and comparably inexpensive, which may encourage people to carry a defensive pistol more frequently.

The convenience and ease of concealment comes at a cost, though. Only a small pistol can be carried concealed in a pocket, and shouldn’t be carried with keys, loose change or other effects in the same pocket. Additionally, it could be difficult to draw from a pocket holster while seated.

Ready to look into a pocket holster for your concealed carry pistol? There are a huge variety of choices available for the growing lines of small-framed guns on the market. We take a look at five options that might work for your pocket pistol needs:

(Photo courtesy/Shangriila Towers Blog)

DeSantis Nemesis
The DeSantis Nemesis packs a lot of engineering into a small package. The Nemesis features an aggressive exterior that is designed to grab the inside of your pocket and remain there when you draw. A smooth inside lining ensures your compact revolver or semi-automatic draws easily and quickly when you need it.

(Photo courtesy/TUFF) 

TUFF Products Pocket Roo
TUFF Products’ Pocket Roo offers a solution to those who want to carry low profile, but also want to carry spare ammo as well. The Pocket Roo allows the user to pack a spare magazine with the gun. Available for a range of small revolvers and semi-autos, the Pocket Roo has an integral pocket for a mag or QuickStrip of ammunition.

(Photo courtesy/Versacarry)

Versacarry Water Buffalo Pocket Holster
Designed for small .25 to .380 ACP semi-automatic pistols, the handmade Pocket Holster from Versacarry is offered in water buffalo leather. Versacarry claims the break-in period is reduced by 80 percent over a traditional leather unit, and the color changes when pressure is applied. The ambidextrous holster is available in distressed brown, black or antique brown colors and for pistols both with and without lasers equipped.

(Photo courtesy/Guns & Gadgets) 

Blackhawk Inside-the-Pocket Holster
The Blackhawk Inside-the-Pocket Holster is simple, basic, adaptable and affordable, a perfect choice for the practical carrier. This synthetic holster is fully ambidextrous and available for nearly all small semi-autos and revolvers. It features a soft laminate suede-like outer material and has a non-slip band around its body to keep the holster in your pocket as you draw.

(Photo courtesy/Guns America) 

Crossbreed Pocket Rocket
Built nearly exclusively for small .380 ACP semi-autos, the Crossbreed Pocket Rocket is ready for minimalist carry. Available in right- and left-hand versions, the holster’s leather backer hides the shape of the gun in your pocket, resulting in a wallet-shaped print that will not attract any undue attention.

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