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The Firearm Enthusiast’s Perfect Job

The Firearm Enthusiast’s Perfect Job

Do you love firearms? Do you spend every waking hour at the range? Do you long to help others learn about proper firearms safety? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the perfect course for you.

Range Safety Officers (RSO) are essential for successful and safe range operations. They’re responsible for carrying out range standard operating procedures, conducting range inspections, enforcing range rules, assisting with firearm stoppages and malfunctions, and conducting Range Safety Briefings which include procedures to follow in the case of an emergency. 

The NRA’s RSO course has been taken by those who seek to work as an RSO as well as shooters and instructors who wish to further their firearms training.

"I took the RSO Course to learn how to make professional corrections on any gun range," explains NRA Instructor and RSO Debbie Crews. "The course provided me with hands on experience clearing stoppages and malfunctions as well as functioning the action types of 12 different firearms. The biggest skill that I learned in the course was the emergency procedures. I felt confident at the end of that lesson that my group could successfully work together during any type of emergency on a gun range while directing others on what needed to be done. Becoming a Certified NRA RSO was vital in my development as a NRA Instructor and safe gun handler."

There are two courses you can take to become a RSO: the NRA Online Course or NRA Instructor-Led course.

If you possess a valid NRA Firearm Instructor certification or NRA Coach appointment in one of the NRA's training programs you can take NRA's Online RSO Course! Students must complete all six lessons and successfully complete a short electronically administered test in order to be certified as a NRA Range Safety Officer. The course costs $125 and students have 90 days from the start of enrollment to complete the course.

For non-NRA Instructors, you can attend the classroom-based NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course facilitated by an NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer. The nine-hour course consists of classroom time and practical exercises conducted on a range.

Already an RSO? Take the next step and become a Chief Range Safety Officer

Becoming an RSO is a great opportunity whether you wish to begin a new career or increase your knowledge of safe gun handling.

Click here to learn more about the NRA RSO program and sign up for a course today!

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