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25 Shooters Under 25


Sports teach you a lot of things – winning, losing, teamwork, responsibility…. the list can go on and on. The shooting sports, like any other sport, is no different.

Young shooters go through the same learning and training as any other athlete. From gun safety to the fundamentals of firearms, they spend countless hours at the range continuously trying to perfect their shot. While we don’t often hear about it in the mainstream media, competitive shooting is a highly recognized sport.

The Olympics, the world's oldest and most acclaimed tradition as sports are recognized, includes the shooting sports. Offering three disciplines, five events for each discipline, nine events for men, and six events for women. High schools and colleges often have competitive shooting teams as well that travel all around the world.

A young competitive shooter not only has to physically train, but must mentally train too. It's a sport which requires a lot of discipline where athletes must learn to balance their daily lives alongside their training schedules.

We’ve taken a look at a lot of competitive shooters who have changed the shooting sports industry, so now let’s take a look at the future of our industry. These up and coming athletes are quickly making a name for themselves and will make an impact for future generations to come.


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