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10 Fascinating Firearms From History


"Innovation is anything but business as usual," waxes an anonymous adage about the merits of bold new ideas. Everything around us has been theorized, developed, tested, fielded and upgraded; such is the life cycle of innovation. Throughout history, gunsmiths and engineers have dreamt up new concepts in firearms design, whether in response to a need or simply due to the strength of their imaginations.

The NRA National Firearms Museum boasts an amazing collection of arms unrivaled for their diversity, and here from those extensive holdings are some of the more unusual and exotic pieces that are on daily exhibition in the museum's Fairfax, Virginia galleries. Collectors should note, however, before you rush out to find your own examples for personal purchase, you should know that each of these designs is no longer in production, and many represent extreme collector rarities that will set back your banking account considerably.


For more fascinating firearms and historic relics, visit the NRA Museums in person or online.

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