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How to Stabilize Against Cover

In this NRA Firearm Training Tip we demonstrate how to use a rigid structure for support in your standing position. Whether in a defensive situation or on the competition stage, using a hard structure around you will add more stability to the position.

For demonstration purposes, we use a Bianchi style barricade to simulate a wall or door frame.

Here's a step-by-step process on how to safely, efficiently and effectively stabilize yourself against cover:

  1. Place your support hand with palm flat against the structure, make an “L” shape with your index finger and thumb.
  2. Bring the rifle up and cradle it inside that “L”.
  3. Wrap the thumb and index finger around the for-end of the rifle to increase stability when the rifle fires. By doing this it will reduce the amount of muzzle rise during recoil.

It’s always a good habit to train with shooting from both shoulders on a structure. This builds the dexterity in the support hand on the wall and will increase the stability of the support side position even more so than the strong side.

Shoulder transitions can also be practiced while practicing stability drills. You can learn more about shoulder transitions here.

To get more hands-on training on the AR platform, learn more about the America's Rifle Challenge training program, and register for a ARC near you.

NOTE: Always follow the NRA Rules for Gun Safety and be sure to abide by your range’s rules.

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