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NRA Firearm Training Tip: Shoulder Transitions for Rifle

NRA Firearm Training Tip: Shoulder Transitions for Rifle

In this week’s AR Challenge tip of the week, we cover the topic of shoulder transitions. Finding a way that is safe, efficient, and effective to transition the rifle from your dominant shoulder to your support shoulder is a key fundamental skill that all AR owners should master. This topic can be controversial depending on which methodology the shooter might have. However, there is a minimal, but safe method that can be used for this skill. 

Starting with a fully loaded magazine from the low ready position, engage the target with three rounds using your dominant side shoulder and hand. Engage the safety and relocate your dominant shooting hand to a forward position on the rifle. Once you have positive control of the fore-end of the rifle, relocate your support hand back to the grip. At this time you are back in full control of operation, and could accurately place a shot of target if necessary. After gaining control, move the stock across the chest and assume proper shoulder placement on the support side shoulder. Disengage the safety and engage the target with three more rounds. If you are working with 30 round magazines, you can perform this drill 10 times or until your ammo is spent. During this drill, the shooters focus should be on positive control of the rifle, while also ensuring that all proper mechanics of a stable shooting position are maintained using both the dominant and support side positions.

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