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Mount Your Own Turkey Fan

Mount Your Own Turkey Fan

Spring turkey season has come and gone, so what's a person to do with their trophy?

I went on my first turkey hunt May of last year. It was incredible from start to finish and I came out with a bird that I was overjoyed with! Sure, I kept the meat and consumed it over time, but I was even more excited to mount my turkey fan and beard. 

That same day, I fanned and pinned the tail in place to dry, poured Borax around the meat of the tail (as recommended) and let it do its thing. Over time, I continued to let it do its thing in my garage and here I am over a year later and it was still in the same spot I left it. 

It wasn't until this past spring that I become more determined than ever to finally do something about it. I got my mounting kit and prepared to assemble!
The mounting kit was pretty simple: 3 screws, a plaque, and hanger. My turkey was a bit bulky at the base causing me to acquire an additional piece of wood to properly attach the hanger to the plaque. With the assistance of a friend we were able to piece everything together without a hiccup - it was finally finished!

I don't know why I put it off for so long, but I'm glad it finally got done.

Now I proudly display the memory of that day and am reminded of the pure joy I had during that hunt. 

Share your turkey mounting tips in the comments section below!

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