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What’s Your Best Turkey Hunting Tip?

What’s Your Best Turkey Hunting Tip?

Depending on where you live, spring turkey season is either over or ending soon (cue the tears). Hopefully, you had a successful season. But whether you scored your biggest bird or didn’t fire your shotgun once, hunters can always learn from each other. So, I asked some hunters, whose names you may recognize, to share their favorite turkey hunting tips. Take a look and then share yours in the comments below!

Nate Hoise 

"Call as hen-like as you can while being creative in your cadence and tempo. When calling to a gobbler, add realism to your calling sequence by using an up and down tempo in your yelp. This helps mimic a hen that's not only trying to communicate, but listen as well.” - Nate Hoise, Head Hunters on Outdoor Channel

Gregg Ritz

"Food plots are not just for deer. Turkey love clover and alfalfa as well as picking at the bugs out of the plot. I use Arrowseed’s Full Potential and if you set up your ground blind overlooking your plot, chances are that’s where the birds will be. Also, do your homework and scout early; put some Reconyx trail cams out on time lapse mode so you can scan the turkey activity in the field. A few days before the season opens, go sit before dawn to see where they’re roosting.” - Gregg Ritz, Hunt Masters on Outdoor Channel

Julie Golob

"Turkeys have such incredible eye sight and they are so wary. It’s why I refer to them as the fabled Gobblesquatch! If I could share one turkey hunting tip it would be to try to set yourself up where you believe the birds will appear, get in position and then stay there, like a statue… literally. When I get into my hunting spot, I shoulder my Benelli and rest it my sticks so that if I hear a bird, it’s just a matter of putting my head to the stock with my finger ready to deactivate that safety. The wait may seem like forever and it might get uncomfortable, but it’s all worth it because if they see you move then it’s game over and no bird.” - Julie Golob, World Champion Shooter

Turkey Hunting Tips

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