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Hunting Down Cancer with Rob Evans

Hunting Down Cancer with Rob Evans

Rob Evans is the co-host of The Sportsman Channel's "The Ultimate Hunt". Rob along with co-host Haley Heath document their incredible hunting trips all while raising money for cancer research. Funds they raise go towards Project Stealth, which is fighting to save the lives of children everywhere. Check out this Q&A with Rob to learn more about his passion for hunting and aiding cancer research:

When did you start hunting?
My dad introduced me to hunting at age seven and I started with ducks and pheasants and branched out from there.

How did you get the idea to tie hunting with fighting cancer?
Well, I found out about the research twenty-five years ago while hunting. I came up with an idea to raise funds by involving the hunting and outdoor community and from hunters, sportsman, manufacturers, retailers, and private donations. We succeeded and were able to fund the lab with all the latest research equipment. Through donations from events and the aforementioned, we helped bring the research to FDA approval for human testing. There is still the last half of the mountain to climb but we will get there!
How did the TV show The Ultimate Hunt begin?
I got a call from a friend in the industry who told me I had the making of a “one of a kind” great show. It would promote and drive funds to Project Stealth and the research Dr. Saltzman’s lab is doing. So we can hunt cancer down and kill it! Thus, the “Ultimate Hunt”.

We have been on for six years on The Sportsman Channel and both the research and the show are doing very well. With folks like YETI, Wildlife Research, Wild Ear, Gamehide and the rest of our team, how can you fail?

What is Project Stealth?
Dr. Saltzman’s team came up with the idea to build a place for all to see and check-out the research and to help by funding Project Stealth. All proceeds go to the lab for research. That makes the project unique but not as unique as the research... it’s truly AMAZING!!

Why are you so passionate about cancer research?
Passionate….you should be passionate about everything you aspire to or want to accomplish. I have always been positive and passionate about life in general. But my passion for killing cancer ignited after seeing the research and witnessing little kids losing their battle with cancer. So the passion and anger rose up after seeing the devastation cancer causes in not only the one stricken, but family and friends as well.  

How did you meet your co-host Haley Heath?
Well, I can’t tell you that nor can Haley, all we know is somebody called somebody and we finally talked and then met at a ‘Deerfest’ event in Wisconsin and bam! Nearly five years later, we’re going strong. I have the utmost respect for Haley and her family values and how she sees life. I admire her faith and I am proud and fortunate to have a friend and co-host like Haley.

How can others get involved with Project Stealth? 
Simply, go to Ultimatehunt.TV to check us out and Projectstealth.org to help Dr. Saltzman get to the finish line so no one has to suffer from this killer! Ever again!

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