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NRA Museums Receives A Sinistral Shotgun

NRA Museums Receives A Sinistral Shotgun

There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. This shotgun looks like this on purpose.

But why?

When it comes to shooting, a person's dominant eye usually matches up with their dominant hand. But for about a third of the population, their dominant eye and dominant hand are opposites. This is known as cross-dominance and while it's not a big issue with pistols, it can be problematic when using shoulder-fired guns like rifles and shotguns.

If you're cross dominant your options are to get used to shooting with your non-dominant eye, learn to shoot from your other shoulder, or get a custom stock.

This rare sinistral crossover shotgun is an example of a cross dominant shooter exercising that third option. It was created at the turn of the 20th century by the revered Parker Brothers Gun Company for a shooter with a right-dominant hand and left-dominant vision. One of only two the manufacturer ever made, it is believed to have been for a New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice.

The gun was recently donated to the NRA National Firearms Museum and, aside from being a high quality shotgun in its own right, it is a stunning example of engineering ingenuity.
NRA Museums Donations Shotgun

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