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Holiday Gifts Every Hunter Will Appreciate

Holiday Gifts Every Hunter Will Appreciate

Professional turkey caller, avid hunter, NRA Country music artist, and host of Headhunter TV Nate Hosie shares some gift ideas for the hunter in your life this Christmas season.

It’s hard to believe that the chaos of [my] fall has come and gone. I've quickly stepped in to the winter season spending more time these last few weeks decorating the house, stringing up lights and putting up the tree than I have hunting. I'm not complaining; it’s absolutely the most wonderful time of the year and I’m excited for the upcoming holiday!

My hunting schedule is beginning to wind down with just a little bit of late season bow hunting left to focus on before Christmas. I’ve been filming with HeadHunters TV and spending a lot of time on the road so it’s nice I can count on this time of year to relax, be with family and friends, and simply enjoy my time at home.

Now if you’re like me, this time of year also gets me thinking if I’ve made Santa’s naughty or nice list. As a hunter who’s always looking for new gizmos and gadgets for the seasons ahead, I hope I made the nice list!

Below are some great gift ideas for the hunters in your family. If they’ve been good, be sure to sneak these ideal gifts under the tree for them.

1. Trail Cameras
This item is foolproof and something you simply can't go wrong with. Any hunter who tears the wrapping paper off a brand new trail camera is sure to have a smile on their face. Trail cameras help hunters in multiple ways before, during, and after seasons. They help monitor game activity on the property, pick-up on patterns and habits of game, and also observe which game made it through the season and even ones you’ll love to chase the following year.

2. Bow and Firearm Equipment
You can never have enough archery accessories! From broad heads and arrows, to nocturnals and EZ hangers, to a new bow! Building an archers inventory of supplies is always a plus, as hunters need to replenish materials and replace the old.

For the hunters who use firearms, a new shotgun or rifle is always desired. Gifting sought after ammunition also makes for great stocking stuffers and something a hunter can’t have enough of.

3. New Apparel
The woods can prove to be tough, sometimes even brutal on hunting attire. Getting a new hunting wardrobe for your loved one is something every hunter can appreciate. Grab some scent repellent while you’re at it to keep their apparel fresh looking and scent locked to the game in the woods.

4. Calls of the Wild
Over the years this has always been a favorite of mine. Elk, deer, and turkey calls are pure and simple amazing gifts and make excellent stocking stuffers. Even though elk and deer season are winding down around the country, a new bugle or grunt tube is still a thoughtful gift providing plenty of time to fine tune your calling for next season! However, turkey calls are perfect for this time of year. Before you know it, turkey hunters will be cutting and yelping on a love sick gobbler in the spring.

5. Dream Hunts
Every hunter has the desire to pursue a certain animal or travel to a scenic place for that perfect hunt they always say, “Someday.” If you’re able to give the gift of a lifetime to that special hunter in your life, you’re sure to stay on Santa’s nice list for a long, long time. Conduct your own research online and use personal references to help get you started. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: NRA Outdoors offers a lot of great resources to help you navigate and plan the perfect trip *winky face* 

No matter what gifts you decide to go with for the hunters in your life, outfit them with love, respect, and kindness above all. From one hunter to another – Merry Christmas!



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