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The REAL National Rifle Association

Pay attention to the mainstream media long enough, and you’re likely to hear a bunch of things about the National Rifle Association – little of it flattering.

But what you’re being told couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s examine some of the myths surrounding the NRA, then tell the truth about America’s longest continuously operating civil rights organization.

Myth: “The NRA is nothing but old white men smoking cigars.”

Truth: The NRA’s 5 million members are made up of Americans of all races, genders and ages. Our education, safety, training and marksmanship programs feature offerings for everyone, from the gun safety lessons of our Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program taught to school children, to the legendary training programs that empower gun owners young and old. The NRA represents the best of America, a collection of patriotic, freedom-loving citizens who understand the importance of their Second Amendment rights and are willing to stand up and defend the Constitution. 

Myth: “The NRA is an evil gun lobby that works to protect gunmakers.”

Truth: The NRA doesn’t represent gun manufacturers and gear makers – we represent gun owners, champion gun rights, and advocate for citizens to be able to keep the freedoms promised to them by the Second Amendment. Simply put, we represent Americans. The NRA is the nation’s longest-standing civil rights group. Everything we do is to protect the Constitutional rights of Americans and to promote and improve the shooting sports in our country.

Myth: “The NRA is just a right-wing political machine that’s nothing like it once was.”

Truth: The NRA is every bit as invested today in the core mission and principles it was founded to achieve in 1871 – a commitment to training, education and marksmanship. From hunter safety and training, youth gun safety, and basic marksmanship and self-defense courses to advanced NRA Outdoors training, elite competition shooting and gunsmithing schools, the NRA invests in Americans who want to become better, safer and smarter gun owners. As new challenges and threats to the Second Amendment, hunting rights and gun rights have arisen, the NRA has responded through the tireless efforts of its Institute for Legislative Action, working to promote legislation to protect freedom and create a future for American pastimes. But the heart of the NRA is as it always was, and what it always will be: to train Americans to be responsible, safe and well-educated firearm owners and users.

Still not convinced? Talk to a member of the NRA, and ask them why they joined. Ask someone who attended a training course taught by an NRA Certified Instructor. Speak with a teacher, law enforcement officer or parent who used the NRA’s gun safety lessons to teach their children how to stay safe if they find a firearm. You might find a hundred different stories, but the ending is likely the same – the NRA is making a positive difference in communities across America, year after year.

That’s the real NRA. Will you join us?

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