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Is Your Four-Legged Friend Ready for Hunting Season?

Is Your Four-Legged Friend Ready for Hunting Season?

Attention Hunters! It’s time to take our four legged friends to the fields and marshes. Our hunting dogs have been waiting all year for this special time. It is amazing to watch a well-trained and conditioned K9 athlete do his job, but remember these tips for preparing your dog for hunting season!

1. Be aware of your dog’s health & condition, and know their limitations

Hunting dogs will give you everything they have, but it’s important you know your dog’s limitations. Training should have started early. By hunting season, they should be in top tip-top shape! If not properly conditioned, the riggers in a day’s hunt can be hazardous and fatal. If your dog is fit, hunt hard, but remember older dogs and those who have spent the summer on the couch may not be able to handle the physical demands in a full days hunt. 

2. Visit the Vet
Not only is your dog’s health and physical conditions important, ensuring they are up to date on their vaccinations will help protect against certain diseases, such as Lyme Disease

3. Take Flea/Tick Precautions 
There’s nothing better than spending the day in the great outdoors with your fury friend – until they (or even you!) come home with fleas or ticks! While flea/tick preventatives are recommended year-round, it is important to ensure they are protected during hunting season

4. Buy Safety Gear
Aside from the actual hunt, picking up the latest hunting gear in preparation has to be almost as exciting. Well don’t forget to buy safety gear for your four-legged friend! Consider a blaze orange vest and breakaway reflective collar with proper identification – this will make him or her more visible and limit the chances of accidents. Also, in the case he or she roams off path, the proper identification will help someone return them home safely!


Remember, they love hunting just as much as you! And they won’t quit so it’s up to you to say when! – Good Hunting!


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