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It Starts With Education...

Last night at the Miss America pageant, Miss South Carolina Daja Dial was asked the following question: “America loves our Second Amendment, but gun violence continues to be a tragic problem. Do you support a ban on military-style assault weapons?” and without hesitation she answered it with the honest truth….

Some people want to take the easy way out and point fingers at law abiding citizens who support the Second Amendment, blaming them for the violence in our society, when in reality it all starts with education. We prepare our kids to go to school from a young age, and we send them through a system designed to teach them what they need to know in preparation for the real world, firearm education is no different.

In order to be aware, to understand and respect something – it starts with education and continues with training.

Congrats Miss South Carolina for providing an educated response to such a loaded question. For someone who is thrust into the limelight, your reaction, unlike many uneducated anti-gunners, was not guided by prejudicial generalizations or the misinformation by media. 

Header Photo Courtesy of @MissAmericaOrg

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