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7 Hunting Blogs for the Foodie You Need to Bookmark

7 Hunting Blogs for the Foodie You Need to Bookmark

I love food. I love blogs. I love food blogs. Here are 7 amazing bloggers who share their stories and recipes of what it means to hunt and prepare dishes with wild game. They truly know the meaning of what it means to eat organic…

1. Food for HuntersThis is the story of Rick and Jen, how they met, how they fell in love and how they make amazingly delicious meals from the meat they hunt. 

2. Hunter Angler Garder Cook 
If there’s anyone who knows what it means to “eat organic” or “eat clean” it’s Hank Shaw. Giving up the pre-packaged, store bought items in 2005, he now only eats what he hunts, buys from people who raise animals humanely and shops locally. He shares his food adventures and recipes with us, and the pictures, the pictures are absolutely stunning. Give me a bib, now!

3. Julie Golob Field to Fork - Best known for her accolades in competitive shooting, Julie Golob’s story continues to evolve. She recently  shared her story with NRA All Access on how and why she came to hunt and cook what she eats, and how that’s changed her family lifestyle. Not only do we get to see some delicious recipes, we get to learn more about Julie from Competitive Shooter to Hunter to Mom.

4. Wild Food Blog - He Hunts. She Cooks. Win-Win. Enough said.

5. The Hunting Chef 
His name is Shay Nanna; whether it be a father, husband, outdoorsman or chef - he likes to grab life by the horns. And we like to see the food he makes.

6. Outdoor Channel's Hunting RecipesIt’s the Outdoor Channel, best known for shows about hunting and the outdoor lifestyle, of course they would have a compilation of mouth-watering wild game recipes from some of the outdoors hottest stars!

7. Nevada Foodies - From a girl who met a hunter, and then became one herself...

Do you have any favorite food bloggers? Share them with us in the comments!

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