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NRA Reopens Public Range Fund for Qualifying Projects

NRA Reopens Public Range Fund for Qualifying Projects

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce the reopening of NRA's Public Range Fund. Established in 2009, the NRA Public Range Fund is a grant matching program that encourages city and county governments, along with state or federal agencies, to work with NRA to build and improve public ranges across the United States.

"Public ranges allow hundreds of thousands of hunters, competitive shooters, and target shooters to work on their marksmanship under safe and responsible conditions," said Liz Bush, managing director of NRA Community Engagement. "More than 90 public ranges have been awarded funds to date and we look forward to assisting the next 90."

In addition to physical improvements, NRA's Public Range Fund allows qualifying agencies or local governments to improve community relations and address any range-related environmental issues. With grants awarded on a 50/50 matching basis, 50 percent of project cost are provided by the applicant and the remaining 50 percent are provided by the fund. In-kind services such as labor, materials, and equipment may be considered to provide the applicant’s 50 percent contribution. Projects including Pittman-Robertson Funds covers 90 percent of the applicant's share with the remaining 10 percent coming from the NRA Public Range Fund.

"Our grants provide financial stimulus and recreational facilities for entire communities. We are incredibly happy to restart the program and begin making a positive impact once again," Bush concluded.

More than $2 million have been award in NRA Public Range Fund since the program began. For more information on this program and other available range grants, please visit our website at https://rangeservices.nra.org/funding-grants/.

(Photo courtesy/Thermapolis Gun Club)

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