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NRA Celebrates National Hunting and Fishing Day

NRA Celebrates National Hunting and Fishing Day


On Saturday, Sept. 28, the National Rifle Association of America and its members will celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHFD) to honor the commitment of our country’s sportsmen to wildlife conservation and to promote the continued enjoyment of our outdoor heritage for generations to come. President Richard Nixon signed the first National Hunting and Fishing Day proclamation on May 2, 1972, declaring, “I urge all our citizens to join with outdoor sportsmen in the wise use of our natural resources and ensuring their proper management for the benefit of future generations.” Since then, Americans have celebrated NHFD on the fourth Saturday of every September. 

"In addition to being a genuinely thrilling adventure, hunting brings us closer to nature and teaches us core values that enrich our lives," said Joe DeBergalis, executive director, NRA General Operations. "Families struggling to unplug from cell phones and video games should consider spending a weekend outdoors. Time spent hunting or fishing, which doesn't have to cost much, is an opportunity for mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandparents to pass down the core values of patience, honor, determination, and accomplishment."

Hunters, anglers and target shooters in the United States contribute nearly $1.75 billion annually to conservation through the purchase of licenses, excise taxes paid on hunting and fishing equipment and ammunition, and contributions to various conservation organizations.

"If you're able to do so, be sure to get out and participate in our great American traditions of hunting and fishing. Take this opportunity to introduce someone to the great outdoors," concluded DeBergalis.

Be sure to check with your local clubs and NRA Business Alliance members for family-friendly events in your area. Visit https://explore.nra.org/.


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