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NRAstore Unveils Two New T-Shirt Categories

NRAstore Unveils Two New T-Shirt Categories

When it comes to t-shirts, fans usually fall into one of two camps: heavyweight or super soft. It’s rare to find a wearer who embraces both styles interchangeably. Either you love them thick and durable or you love them thin, soft and ultra-comfortable. Period.

Recognizing this, the NRAstore team set about to provide our valued customers with BOTH choices. Team members enlisted the aid of friends, family and fellow NRA employees to conduct an old-fashioned “wear test.” We provided a large variety of t-shirt samples for testers to wear and evaluate.

This in-depth research resulted in the creation of two new, very distinct categories on NRAstore.com: NRA HeavyWeight Tees and NRA SuperSoft Tees. No matter which camp you’re in, there’s sure to be more than one t-shirt you’ll love!

We think it’s important that every NRA member shows his or her NRA pride at every opportunity—and feels comfortable while doing it. Click here to shop NRAstore.com and update your wardrobe today!

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