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NRA Competitive Shooting Division Building A Bright Future For Proud Shooting Traditions

NRA Competitive Shooting Division Building A Bright Future For Proud Shooting Traditions

As we enjoy another great season of competition, the NRA Competitive Shooting division would like to thank those responsible for making NRA shooting events and matches possible across the nation, and for helping NRA build and improve our shooting sports programs, competitions and culture.

The success of the NRA Competitive Shooting division is made possible through the generous support from our 2018 division sponsors, including Ruger, Mossberg, and SIG Sauer. Additionally, we extend our sincerest gratitude to all of the sponsors who support each of our competitions throughout the season, from the prestigious NRA Bianchi Cup through the action-packed NRA World Shooting Championship. Your continued partnership makes these events possible, and provides the best opportunity for shooting athletes to showcase their skills and earn accolades for their excellence.

Producing NRA Competitive Shooting events requires intense planning, logistical considerations, and most importantly, hard work and commitment. These intricate productions simply are not possible without the participation of incredible volunteers, who step up to serve as range safety officers and other critical match staff support roles. Their contributions are invaluable, and we extend our deepest appreciation and we look forward to seeing them at our matches behind the scenes and on the firing line.

While we celebrate time-honored traditions reaching back more than a century to our roots at the Creedmoor Matches at Sea Girt, New Jersey, we look ahead to the future of our sports. We have recently launched all new NRA Competitive Shooting website, making it easier than ever before for longtime and novice competitors alike to learn more about the past, present and future of NRA Competitive Shooting. Visit the new website at https://competitions.nra.org.

For those who joined us on the line at matches for adaptive shooting, collegiate events, the NRA Bianchi Cup or the NRA National Smallbore, Rifle and Pistol Championships, and those who are slated to join us at the upcoming Silhouette competitions and the World Shooting Championship, you are not only the life blood of NRA Competitive Shooting, but represent the present and future of these proud sports. 

You continue to impress, excite and inspire new generations of competitive shooters, building a brighter tomorrow for the shooting sports and serving as a sterling example of responsible firearm handling, marksmanship and good sportsmanship. The NRA is proud to be part of your athletic journey, as you represent the ideals of this organization, and we look forward to being part of your continued success.

As always, we are grateful for your continued feedback as we strive constantly to improve our programs and provide unparalleled excellence in our competitions. We welcome your suggestions, recommendations and other feedback by calling (877) 672-6282 or via email at [email protected].

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