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Young Leaders of Y.E.S.: Jamie Day’s Personal Statement

Young Leaders of Y.E.S.: Jamie Day’s Personal Statement

The NRA Foundation is celebrating #GivingTuesday 2018 by supporting the NRA’s Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) with its fundraising campaign. Leading up to the big day on November 27, tune in each Tuesday to learn more about some of the passionate young advocates for freedom who have attended Y.E.S as we highlight their applications and impact stories. We hope you’ll think of these leaders when making your #GivingTuesday donation—100 percent of your contribution will go to NRA’s Youth Education Summit Scholarship Fund.

Entry into the Y.E.S. program requires the submission of a rigorous and in-depth application, including a high school transcript, a three-page essay on the Second Amendment, three letters of recommendation and a one page personal statement. The personal statement is where applicants have the opportunity to demonstrate their motivation for attending, their passion for the program’s goals, and their dedication to Leading the Legacy of freedom. The inspiring statement below comes from 2018 Y.E.S. participant Jamie Day’s application

"My name is Jamie Day, and I am a junior at Grand County High School in Moab, Utah. I am a devoted student, athlete and artist, but when I’m not in the classroom, on the court or sketching at the drafting table, you can find me in the great outdoors. Whether it’s shooting, fishing, hunting, camping or hiking, I’m always happiest when I’m outside enjoying our American liberties with my family. It’s a time where I can grow closer to my family and God while doing what I love.

"I learned of this program through my sister, Sarah Day, who was a Y.E.S. participant in 2016. When she came back home, she couldn’t stop talking about her life-changing trip. She told me about the places she’d visited and the friends she’d made. But above all, Sarah explained the emotions she felt while walking through the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, watching the 8th & I Evening Parade, and observing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Ultimately, she told me that her words couldn’t do the trip justice and that I had to apply for this opportunity myself to truly understand how amazing it was. Since then I’ve wanted nothing more than to go myself.

"I’m passionate and patriotic, with sincere reverence for the struggles and sacrifices our country has made to become what it is."
"I would love to learn about my responsibilities as a citizen, and I would love to see the history and artifacts that have excited me from a young age. I don’t think a typical fourth-grader would read the Constitution for fun or volunteer to sing “America the Beautiful” in front of her entire elementary school during a Veteran’s Day assembly, but I’m not your typical American citizen. I’m passionate and patriotic, with sincere reverence for the struggles and sacrifices our country has made to become what it is.

"This past September, I led a group of students to set up a 9/11 memorial in honor of those that lost their lives. We purchased nearly 3,000 small American flags and set them up on the lawn in front of the school. People drove by in tears. The local city police held a moment of silence at the memorial and asked if I and the students who helped would join them. After it was over each officer wiped their tears, shook our hands, and told us that they “didn’t know kids still cared about 9/11 these days.” "I’m the student who will soak up every ounce of the experience and then cherish it for a lifetime." We were able to remind them that there are those who still do. I care so much about this county and would love nothing more than to learn more about it and to learn about my civic duties, which this trip will definitely educate me on. My sister came back full of excitement and newfound knowledge of the U.S. and the NRA. I hope you’ll consider me so I can experience that as well.

"In my whole life I haven’t so much as been on an airplane, so this whole trip would be full of new experiences for me. It would be a dream come true to experience it all with fellow students who share common passions and interests. I would never afford a trip like this on my own, so being selected would be such a blessing. On top of that, the chance to compete for scholarships would be an amazing opportunity, since paying for college will be difficult for my family.

"Again, I hope you’ll consider me for this trip. I’m the student who will soak up every ounce of the experience and then cherish it for a lifetime."

The NRA Foundation is participating in the global #GivingTuesday campaign to help raise funds for Y.E.S. To donate, please visit friendsofnra.org/GivingTuesday.

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