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Y.E.S. Stories of Giving: Simon Sefzik’s Inspiration and Impact

Y.E.S. Stories of Giving: Simon Sefzik’s Inspiration and Impact

The NRA Foundation is celebrating #GivingTuesday 2018 by supporting the NRA’s Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) with its fundraising campaign. Leading up to the big day on November 27, tune in each Tuesday to learn more about some of the passionate young advocates for freedom who have attended Y.E.S as we highlight their applications and impact stories. We hope you’ll think of these leaders when making your #GivingTuesday donation—100 percent of your contribution will go to NRA’s Youth Education Summit Scholarship Fund.

No one knows the value of the Y.E.S. program better than the participants themselves. Learn about the positive impact that the program and its participants have on their communities, our country and the world as we share stories of Y.E.S. alumni, by Y.E.S. alumni. We hope you’ll join us in recognizing these remarkable young men and women. The inspiring impact story below features 2017 Y.E.S. participant and scholarship winner Simon Sefzik.

Without a doubt, the students chosen to attend the NRA Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) are amongst America’s best and brightest youth. Simon Sefzik of Bellingham, Wash., is no exception. Since he was a young boy, Simon has been intrigued by the possibilities of affecting change in the civilization around him. “The NRA did a fantastic job facilitating opportunities for us to engage with all sorts of important issues."This fascination lead him into Speech and Debate, and, later, to Y.E.S. in the summer of 2017.

While attending the summit, Simon took advantage of the open environment provided for students to freely express their ideas and opinions. “The NRA did a fantastic job not only with taking care of us and letting us have fun,” Simon said, “but also with facilitating opportunities for us to engage with all sorts of important issues in the political, religious, philosophical, economic, etc., spheres.” Being around like-minded, driven and hard-working individuals left an impact on Simon, and he is proud to call his fellow Y.E.S. participants friends to this day.

During the incredible week of fun and academic activities, Simon was especially impressed by a few particular aspects of the conference. Presentations by staff from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action supplied him with some strong points to use in his debate in defense of the Second Amendment. Additionally, Simon was inspired by his fellow attendees—the conversations he shared with them about significant topics are some he will never forget.

Also unforgettable was the enjoyable and informative sightseeing in Washington D.C. Visiting Arlington National Cemetery resonated well with Simon and left him in reverence of America’s fallen heroes. “Visiting Arlington was sobering and heartfelt,” he recalled. “The NRA Y.E.S. program inspires students to become leaders who can make a positive difference in the community.”“We all were able to learn and experience, in some way, the cost of freedom. As I surveyed row upon row of white headstones, I was humbled to remember that each grave, each marker, carries with it a story, a life, a reminder of the enduring value of hope.”

After attending the life-changing summit, Simon was inspired to make a difference in his community. Using the power of words, Simon gave a presentation to his classmates during senior year of high school regarding the importance of the Second Amendment and the NRA. Additionally, he successfully recruited the Washington state 2018 Y.E.S. delegate, Taylor Christian, to carry on the Y.E.S. legacy.

Simon sees the experiences he had and the contacts he made while at Y.E.S. as truly invaluable, and expressed how he felt extremely encouraged after attending the summit. “The NRA Y.E.S. program inspires students to become leaders who can make a positive difference in the community,” he commended. The renewed motivation the program inspired has lead Simon to attend Patrick Henry College in Virginia, where he is studying American Government and Policy. He aspires to become a Constitutional lawyer in order to continue his strong defense of the Second Amendment.

Create your own story of giving! Turn your intention into action and say “YES” to Y.E.S. by making a donation today at www.friendsofnra.org/GivingTuesday. 100 percent of your contribution made here to The NRA Foundation funds NRA’s Youth Education Summit Scholarship Fund. Through participation in the Y.E.S. program, students compete for up to $55,000 in college scholarships. That’s where you come in! Help us support the young men and women who will Lead the Legacy of freedom into the future—invest in the next generation of Second Amendment champions.

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