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TacticalWalls: Discrete Storage Solutions for Any Gun Owner

TacticalWalls: Discrete Storage Solutions for Any Gun Owner

Proper gun storage is the responsibility of all firearm owners. But how does one store their firearm in a safe way while still having immediate access in a time of crisis? Fortunately, one company has stepped up and found a fix.

TacticalWalls, a small business out of Shenandoah Virginia, constructs solutions to fill the “safe-access void.” The company focuses its time and efforts into building quality furniture and household products with concealing capabilities. 

How it all began

Tim Matter, a U.S. Air Force veteran and father of four, is the owner and founder of TacticalWalls. The story began nearly five years ago when he decided the system he utilized to stow away his personal firearms wasn't working.

Tim Matter holding the first TacticalWalls insert he put together.

While packing up for a family vacation, Tim had to be sure he secured his firearms before leaving. Tim didn't want to store all the guns in one place, so he would scatter his unloaded treasures throughout the house, making it harder for potential thieves to locate them.

The hiding process got to the point where Tim couldn't find all of the guns he was trying to keep out of the hands of potential burglars. Only then did he come to the realization the only space left to hide his firearms was in between the studs in the walls. 

He thought if there was a cut-out in the wall, he could hide his firearms successfully behind it with a sliding door. This was his first “hidden in plain sight” concept.

“Tim was working at a plastics plant at the time, so he could figure out how to best make the plastic items, and then that spiraled into customer demand. We just suggested the plastic mirror frame then they would go get the mirror from Lowe’s and install themselves,” Chris Wood Executive VP of Sales and Marketing explained.

The process of making just the frame made the item cheaper, but after listening to customer feedback they realized the demand for a full, completed product. In response, he designed a sliding mirror to attach to the frame. 

Growth over night

After all the paperwork was finalized for the business in October of 2012, the first insert was sold. However, it wasn't until after the insert was finalized with a mirror and the choice of a locking mechanism that Tactical Walls really took off.

With the complete product in hand, it only took about two weeks before Tim was able to quit his job and start running his own business full-time, building a small family-run operation into a 27-member staff production.

They credit their growth to valued online customer feedback.

“It’s all about trying to give people what they want,” Chris said. “When people were saying they didn't want a big hole in the wall, we began expansion.”

TacticalWalls began crafting fine wooden furniture and accessories into ideal concealment cases fit for any person.

Made in the U.S.A.

Every product TacticalWalls produces is made in-house at their Virginia workshop, and many parts are sourced locally.

All wood profiles are milled locally in a neighboring town, the mirrors are made in North Carolina and the foam that goes into the shelves for firearm storage is made in Pennsylvania.

“We try to keep everything sourced as locally as possible,” Chris said.

Currently their product line consists of coffee tables, night tables, end tables, mirrors, shackle and white boards, shelves and other home decor like clocks, lamps, tissue boxes and accessories. The company also accepts custom orders.

Every customer’s needs are different, and more often than those needs need to be filled within a budget. The staff at TacticalWalls understand this and are eager to find and produce the ideal solution. 

“The best we can do is provide options, harder and simpler locks, improved camouflage, multi-layered safety systems that can help people in various different situations, all at a reasonable cost” Chris explained. 

While locking mechanisms are a hit, individuals who want quicker access have non-locking and magnetic options available.

The process

TacticalWalls' success comes from their employees mutually shared desire to serve you, the customer. By the time your order comes in the door staff members are already prepared to implement various stages, which are usually completed within a day. The only exception to this is custom work. Their dedication and belief in what they’re making is what gets everything to the consumer at such a rapid pace.

Once an order comes in, everything gets cut to size with a CNC router computer program for precision. After the precision cuts are finished the pieces are moved to what they call “rough assembly.” This is where they build the shelf-tops and put the pieces together. From there, everything is put together, sanded, and paint or primer are applied.

A TacticalWalls employee setting out a table top to dry after spraying it down.

In the final hours of production they move on to “final assembly” where they apply the magnets, attach metal pieces for particular products, add the foam, and add the locking mechanisms required. The only thing that’s left is to perform a function check and if performance is up to par they package the product up and ship it out to the consumer.

Offering options ranging from hardwood furniture to custom safe rooms, TacticalWalls prides themselves on producing a safe and tactical concealment solution that could fit into anyone’s household. 

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