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Why Should You Attend A Women On Target Clinic?

Why Should You Attend A Women On Target Clinic?

Did you know women are the fastest growing demographic in the firearms world? Each week, more and more women pick up a gun for the first time and learn to shoot.

But signing up for a class filled with men can be daunting to some women. They may be too intimidated to ask questions or have an instructor who is unable to relate, preventing them from receiving proper training. Enter Women On Target.

Developed in 1999, Women On Target encourages, educates, and mentors women new to recreational shooting and hunting sports in a friendly environment with like-minded females. Clinics address safe firearm handling, proper firearm storage, and basic marksmanship through methods that are specific to the needs of women.

Many female firearm owners purchase a gun for self defense, but may not have important training experience. If you can't effectively use your firearm, what good is it? Knowledge is power and Women On Target clinics are great opportunities to learn proper grip, stance, sight alignment, maintenance, and a gun's functions. No one is born with shooting skills. And while some people pick them up faster than others, everyone starts at square one and it's important you keep practicing to stay accurate.

Even if you already know how to shoot, Women On Target can be a great experience. Attend one with an inexperienced friend for support, make it into a family activity, or go for yourself to correct a bad habit you've picked up.

Women On Target clinics are also an amazing chance for novices and experienced shooters alike to get introduced to the shooting sports. There's so much more to shooting than squeezing off a few rounds at the range and there are so many different rifles, pistols, and shotguns out there. The shooting sports are an activity you can enjoy for a lifetime and there are so many to choose from; target shooting, trap, skeet, clays, high power, smallbore, cowboy action, 3 gun, and more... and that's not even counting all the different guns you can do them with.

Don't own the gun for a sport you'd like to learn, or don't own a gun at all? Don't worry. Clinics provide loaner guns, ammunition, and plenty of safety instruction.

So why should you attend a Women On Target clinic? Because there are no good reasons not to - even if you've never seen a gun in person before. 

Women On Target clinics are held in every state and there's no shortage of ladies gain confidence in your ability to shoot. Find a Women On Target clinic near you!

What are you waiting for? Get out there!

It's fun. We promise.

Originally published August 25, 2015.

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