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10 Things You Never Thought to Put in Your Hunting Pack

10 Things You Never Thought to Put in Your Hunting Pack

Hunting season is here! (Pause for cheering) Maybe you’re packing your hunting pack for the first time, or maybe it’s just time to restock. You’ve got your binoculars, bird calls, field dressing knives, gloves, basically everything for a successful hunt. But are you prepared incase disaster strikes? The outdoors is unpredictable at best. Be prepared and pack these 10 items you may have never thought about putting in your hunting bag:

1. First Aid Kit
This is a must. You never know when accidents are going to happen and how far away you might be from civilization. Grab a first aid kit and check it each season to make sure the supplies are stocked and up-to-date.

2. Water and Food
Whether you’re out in the woods for a few short hours or camping the entire weekend, having some food and water with you will go a long way. Snacks like granola bars and nuts will keep for a long time. Packing dehydrated meals are also a good idea in the case of an emergency.

3. Toilet Paper
This should be pretty self-explantory. 

4. Swiss Army Knife
Sure, you’ll have packed your good field dressing knives. But a Swiss Army Knife has several tools that may come in handy.

5. Lighter
Starting a fire could be a matter of life or death. In case you need fire for warmth, a signal, or to cook, pack a lighter or matches in your bag. They hardly take up any space and you'll be thankful to have them when needed.

6. Garbage Bag
With hunting comes electronics. You may have range finders, GPS, cell phones, boncoulars, etc. that you use on the hunt. And if it rains and you don’t have a waterproof pack, well then you’re out of luck. Grab some garbage bags to put your electronics in incase you’re caught in a down pour. You can also fasten them to make shelter for yourself as well!

7. Medicine
Be sure to pack required prescripted medication and additional medication you wouldn't mind in a first aid kit like Pepto Bismol or Benadryl.

8. Brush Cutters
These may take up some space, but if you’re hunting in an unfamiliar area, these may come in handy.

9. Sunscreen  
It’s Fall. The last thing you’ll think about packing is sunscreen. UV rays can still affect you even at cooler temperatures. And if you’re stuck in the sun without shelter, sunscreen won’t sound so silly.

20. Handwarmers
Those thermal, insulated gloves you bought aren’t all they’re cracked up to be? Pack a few hand warmers and you can thank me later.

What else is an essential item in your hunting pack? Leave us a comment!

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