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10 Ways to Finish Off the Last of Your Game

10 Ways to Finish Off the Last of Your Game

It’s nearing the end of the summer and you may be nearing the bottom of your freezer. As you dive all the way into the back and find some left over venison, turkey, rabbit, or duck, try preparing something new to finish off the last of your frozen game. After all, you have to make room in the freezer for the upcoming hunting season!

1. Try making your own jerky! We love this recipe from Northwest Edible Life.

2. The Never Fails Stew. We found this delicious idea from none other than the Leftover Queen.


3. Meatballs are a great way to use up that extra ground turkey. This recipe can also be used with other wild game. Thanks Georgia Pellegrini!

4. Stir Fry it up. There is nothing like a little stir fry to use up the last of everything in your fridge - vegetables included! Throw it all together with this recipe from Field & Stream.

5. Game Stock. Nothing to it but pure deliciousness. Get the recipe from Field & Stream in All That Remains.


6.  Pulled BBQ Sandwiches. Let's be honest, there's nothing better than meat in BBQ Sauce - especially if its homemade. Check out Pioneer Women's recipe.


7. Meatloaf! One of my favorites - a loaf of protein! Nevada Foodies has this delectable recipe and many similar ones if you are looking to spice up your meatloaf game.


8. Chili-like stew are a great way to use up that extra meat and cans in your pantry. Check out these four great recipes from North American Whitetail.


9.  A Dish for your Dog that says 'I love you' because sometimes just a pat on the head isn't good enough for this guy.


10. When all else fails and there really isn't more than a few pieces of leftover game, get fancy with your potato and create a fancy topping! Check out this mouth watering recipe from RealTree.

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