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Eddie Eagle and the Wing Team's Summer Adventure

Eddie Eagle and the Wing Team's Summer Adventure

Eddie Eagle here! The Wing Team and I have been busy this summer! But we wanted to check in and share our latest adventures with you! We attended three conferences, in three cities, within three weeks, meeting incredible people and sharing our important safety message.

First we flew into Minneapolis, MN where the National Sheriff’s Association Conference was being held. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of Sheriffs in one spot! It was nice meeting new people who were all excited to hear not only our message but also about the Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV) program as well. We love meeting sheriffs because they usually tour with us when we go to schools in different cities. We work together in making sure kids understand the importance of gun safety!

Then we flew north east to Atlantic City, NJ where the Wing Team and I all got an opportunity to speak with law enforcement agents. They traveled from all along the east coast to be here! We saw a lot of familiar faces having worked with over 100 of the law enforcement agencies in attendance. Many of the officers were looking to expand their community programming and were thrilled to learn they could bring both the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program and the Refuse to Be A Victim program to their department – many of them signed up right there to take the RTBAV instructor course!

Our final flight took us out west to the National School Resource Officer Conference. You’ll never guess where it was hosted…

Disneyland Resort and Convention center in Anaheim, CA! Nothing like wrapping up our summer conference tour than the happiest place on earth! We met School Resource Officers (SROs) from all across the nation. They had the chance to meet the Wing Team, learn more ways to share our message, as well as ask us questions – it was a lot of fun! After an eventful day with SROs, we had the chance to venture around Disneyland. Sadly we missed Mickey Mouse, but Minnie welcomed us with open arms! We also had the chance to catch up with our friends Stitch and Pluto.

This year has been quite the adventure, but this summer alone has kept us plenty busy! We are extremely happy to have met so many wonderful people along the way. The Wing Team and I enjoy nothing more than teaching our message, as we all work together to keep each other safe.

We’re off to our next adventure – catch you later!

-Eddie Eagle



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