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How to Clear a Double Feed Malfunction in your AR

In this week’s NRA Firearm Training Tip we cover the last common malfunction you may encounter while shooting your AR-15, Double Feed (Type 3).

This malfunction is caused when two objects, be it an empty casing and live round or two live rounds, try to enter the chamber at the same time. Like sticking a square peg in a round hole, it just doesn’t work. When firing and this malfunction (type 3) occurs, the trigger will not “click”. In fact it will feel like a mushy trigger.

To clear this malfunction:

  1. With the gun still aimed towards the target, look at the ejection port for any visible malfunction. In this type of malfunction, you will see that there is still a round in the chamber, and the next round in the magazine likely hard up against it.

  2.  If there is indication of a type 3 malfunction, hold the rifle steady and still aimed at the target, lock the bolt back to the rear to release the tension on the round trying to move into the chamber.

  3. Release the magazine and let it fall to the ground. If this is your only magazine you will need to retain the magazine on your person until the malfunction is cleared.

  4. Rack the slide three to four times to clear any debris/casings/dead ammo from the chamber. If racking does not remove all objects you may need to physically remove them by reaching up through the magazine well or the ejection port.

  5. Load a fresh magazine or the one you retained into the rifle.

  6. Rack the slide to chamber a round, and prepare to fire another shot to ensure the malfunction has been cleared. 

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