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America’s Rifle: What’s in the Range Bag?


After you’ve done your researchdetermined whether to build or buy your AR, and familiarized yourself with your new rifle, it’s time to get to the range and start shooting. However, you’ll need more than just your rifle and a box of ammo to make the most out of your shooting experience.

NRA Certified Instructor Andy Lander breaks down what you should pack in your trusty range bag before approaching the firing line.


Of course, these are just the basics of what would help you make the most out of your range experience, and as you become a more experienced shooter, you’ll find what works best for you and can stock your range bag with the tools and gadgets. As always, follow all range rules and comply commands of range staff. See you on the firing line!

Need more information about training with your AR? Interested in shooting in a match? The NRA America’s Rifle Challenge, presented by Daniel Defense, lets owners of America’s most popular new rifle platform develop and showcase their AR skills. Visit http://arc.nra.org for more information about training courses and matches.

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