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3 Things You Need to Know About Why Hunters Wear Orange

3 Things You Need to Know About Why Hunters Wear Orange

Have you ever walked into a sporting goods store, and you are drawn to the hunting section because of the bright, fluorescent color that shines from that direction? And think to yourself, why in the world would that exist? Well, here are 3 things you need to know about why blaze orange exists for hunters…

  1.  43 out of 50 states require hunters to wear blaze orange during specified hunting seasons. The remaining states who don’t require it, still strongly encourage wearing orange…. Why?

  2. Safety. Wearing blaze orange is not for the animals, it’s for the people. Deer cannot distinguish the color, but your fellow hunters can, and for that reason, wearing blaze orange helps enhance safe hunting.

  3. Blaze orange is also known as “safety orange” or “hunter orange”. The color is actually commonly used among other fields because of its effectiveness to the human eye.

To learn more about hunter safety, education and programs visit the NRA Hunter Services department

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