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Principles of Concealed Carry: Options for Concealment Clothing

Principles of Concealed Carry: Options for Concealment Clothing

Incorporating a concealed gun into your daily life may require a lifestyle change. You will need to consider your wardrobe, versus your carry mode, and choose the appropriate attire that will keep your firearm concealed and still provide you with a level of comfort and security as you go about your daily routine. Here are the basic principles to follow when selecting concealment clothing:

 Appropriate for the Occasion


Always wear clothing that is appropriate for the occasion. It should blend in with the style and type of clothing that is appropriate to the weather and the circumstances. A lightweight sport coat worn to conceal a gun in a hip holster would fit in an office or city street, but would be totally inappropriate on a beach or a jogging trail. If you have a coat on and everyone else is wearing nothing but t-shirts, you’ll certainly stand out and attract the attention of any reasonably observant person.

Loose Clothing

Loose clothing will hide the signs or bulges that may alert the casual observer that you are carrying a gun. It will also make it easier for you to access and draw your gun if needed. Yet, you must also keep in mind that clothing that is excessively loose can draw unwanted attention and gather in folds that may actually impede the draw. 

Heavy Clothing

Heavy clothing or clothing made of heavy fabric would be preferred over clothing that is made of a light fabric. Heavy fabric will usually hang in a way that conceals any irregular shape that lies beneath it. The heavy fabric tends to be easier to sweep aside to access your firearm. If you carry your gun under a jacket, make sure you can comfortably button or zip it up to keep it from blowing open on a windy day.

Avoid Very-Light Colors

A light fabric can easily conform to a protruding stock or holster and easily reveal the straps of a shoulder holster.  Avoid very light-colored clothing. Bulges in clothing caused by a concealed handgun create hollows and shadows. These can be more evident when the clothing is light-colored.

Regular Patterns

Clothing with regular patterns, such as stripes, geometric patterns, plaids and so forth create a visual reference that easily reveals any irregularities in the way the clothing hangs on the body. Solid-colored fabric or fabric with a random pattern should be your choice when carrying a concealed firearm. 

We aren't saying that it's time for a shopping spree (but if you need an excuse for one, go for it!) rather, we are suggesting you consider the clothing you will wear; clothing that will afford you comfort, concealment and facilitate a smooth presentation of your firearm, should the need exist.

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