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NRA Firearm Training Tip: Malfunction: Failure to Eject

NRA Firearm Training Tip: Malfunction: Failure to Eject

In today's NRA Firearm Training Tip, we'll cover the next malfunction that you may encounter while shooting your AR-15, Failure to Eject (Type 2).

Very similar to last week’s drill covering a failure to fire malfunction, the ejection malfunction will incorporate most of the same steps with one added tool thanks to Sir Isaac Newton; Gravity. The drill for clearing this malfunction is:

  1. Visually indicate by looking at the ejection port for any visible malfunction. This type may give a visual indication of the fired brass sticking out of the ejection port or a “stove pipe”.
  2. With the gun sill aimed towards the target, tap the base of the magazine to insure it is properly seated in the rifle. This should be a FORCEFUL smack using the palm/heel of the support hand, to insure the proper amount of force is used to lock the magazine in place.
  3. Pull the charging handle back to the rear while rotating the ejection port towards the ground letting gravity assist you in removing the brass. A slight shake of the rifle may be necessary to help with dislodging the casing.
  4. Release the charging handle to use the force of the bolt going forward to chamber a new round.
  5. Regain your sight picture and assess if the need for additional shots are still required.

To get more hands-on training on the AR platform, learn more about the America's Rifle Challenge training program, and register for a ARC near you.

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