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A Spring To Be Thankful For

A Spring To Be Thankful For

For turkey hunters, this one of the saddest times of the year…

Spring turkey season is officially over!

The end of turkey season each year, even as a grown man, makes me want to cry (I love it that much!) But with the end of each season, I get to look back and reflect on the memories made, time shared, and moments spent in the woods…

I grew up in Montdale, Pennsylvania – a little town located in Lackawanna County, the youngest of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. It was a town rich iron ore deposits used to make iron and steel, and home to the great outdoors. My grandpa and my dad were avid hunters, and they’ve taught me all I know about hunting – from appreciating the land to all of God’s creations.

I wake up and smile because I am thankful for the time I spend in the woods. Not just to harvest an animal, but because of all the moments that come with the hunt…

As I reflect on this past season, I am thankful for the trees that let me lean back against them and wake up with them. I am thankful for the owls hooting from a ridge and the anticipation of a gobbler giving up its location. I am thankful for that first gobble so loud that it takes your hat off, and you know it’s about to get real! But most importantly, I am thankful for being able to share those moments with my family, buddies, and my wife.

Hunting teaches you respect and appreciation, not only for the land but for time. No matter how crazy or fast paced life gets, the woods offer moments of peace that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Hunting takes a fast paced world and slows it down. It’s just you (sometimes your friends!) and the woods…

With Headhunters TV, I have been blessed to travel all over the beautiful USA and hunt in some amazing places, as well as meet some amazing folks.

The hunt is not always easy, but the moments are always great. This past season, I noticed in a few states, turkeys were not acting as “fired up” as in year’s past. This could be due to the mild winter in some parts of the country causing some turkeys to kick off the breeding process early, and leaving no gobbles for acres.

But even in the tough times of turkey hunting, you have to keep your head up and be thankful. With the new generation and social media, we get to follow everyone’s turkey adventure – whether they be struggles or successes! It is great to see people still getting out there and enjoying the outdoors. Hunting is a way to unite people near and far.

It’s amazing how even at the end of a hunting season, it is a reminder of how blessed I truly am. Enjoy the hunt, but enjoy the outdoors with family and friends more!
Hunting Spring Turkey Nate Hosie

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