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Training Tip: Speed Reload

Training Tip: Speed Reload

Last week, we demoed a slide lock reload. This week, we are going to perform a slide forward reload also known as a speed reload.

The speed reload is used mainly in competition but could have applications elsewhere. It is a very fast reload since you do not have to manipulate the slide. You would use this type of reload when you are critical on ammo and do not want the gun to run dry.

So here is the drill. With a pie plate at 10 yards, draw and fire one round, perform a speed reload and fire a second round. Total time for this drill should be in the 3-4 second range.

A couple of key tips: In order to keep from having to turn the magazine around, make sure that the magazine in the mag pouch has the bullets facing forward. Also, make sure that that the gun stays up in your workspace. Bringing the gun down will cost you time and loss of situational awareness.

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