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Training Tip: Slide Lock Reload

Training Tip: Slide Lock Reload

With most modern semi-auto pistols the slide locks to the rear when the magazine is empty. Our goal for the drill this week is to get the gun loaded and running as quickly as we can. 

Let's get started...

Load the gun with one round and fire. As soon as the slide locks to the rear, your support hand should be accessing new ammo while your strong hand is working the magazine release. Keep the gun high in your work area. If you are bringing the gun down you will be looking at the ground and not out towards the target. As the empty mag falls out, replace it with the new mag. Reach over and rack the slide and fire a second shot. Total time for this drill should be around 3.5-4 seconds. With a six inch pie plate at ten yards, look for the draw to be around 1.5 seconds and a reload to be around 2 seconds. If you are using concealment, add 1 second to your goal time. If these times are too slow for you then pick up the pace. Try a 1 second draw and a 1.5 second reload.

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