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Training Tip of the Week: Emergency Reload

Training Tip of the Week: Emergency Reload

This week’s AR training tip is on how to get your rifle running as quickly as possible after your ammunition is depleted and bolt is locked back…

Start out with two magazines loaded with three rounds each. With the first magazine loaded in your rifle and the spare mag retained somewhere on your body, engage the target with the first three rounds. Once the third round is fired, your bolt should be in the locked back position. This can be verified by simply tilting the rifle to the side and visually indicate by looking at the ejection port that the rifle is indeed dry and no malfunction is present. At this point release the magazine by depressing the magazine release button. The magazine should drop freely, if it does not simply pull and remove the magazine from the mag-well. The magazine that is removed from the rifle is not usable piece of equipment anymore and should be discarded by letting it land on the ground. Acquire your fresh magazine and insert into the mag-well. Your hand should now be in close proximity of the bolt release lever and depress the top of the lever to release the bolt forward, chambering a new round. Engage the target with the remaining three rounds. Repeat this process 10 times.

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