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Taking Aim at Refuse to be a Victim...

Taking Aim at Refuse to be a Victim...

"I murmur goodbyes and walk swiftly towards my car, high alert, and don't unlock it until I'm within arm's reach..."

Recently, Vice author Haley Potiker attended a Refuse to be a Victim seminar in Orange, CA, and decided to write about it. You can read her article here but I’ll save you some trouble…she doesn’t care much for the National Rifle Association.

Upon reading the full story, it is certainly ironic that an author who takes aim at the program with an obvious agenda, took what she learned in the course and immediately applied it to her life.

Unfortunately, Ms. Potiker left her open mind at the door. If she hadn’t brought her bias into the classroom, maybe she would have been more accurate in her reporting.

Refuse to be a Victim is not a firearms training course or a domestic violence course and it isn’t intended for women only because, let’s face it, men and women alike, should be equipped with the knowledge to stay safe.

Refuse to be a Victim is a crime prevention and awareness program. It teaches individuals about having a personal safety strategy before you need it, offering tips and techniques for being alert and aware, and realistic steps you can take to help you avoid becoming a victim. The course content is designed to help open your eyes and mind to things you may never have considered before.

Even with her anti-NRA goggles on, in the short time Ms. Potiker spent at the seminar she managed to learn a few things. Regrettably, in her reporting she excluded the values from that education and turned something positive into something negative.

Her monologue continues to fall flat.

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