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Friday Feast from the Great American Outdoor Show

Friday Feast from the Great American Outdoor Show

We bring you  Deer Fried Rainbow Trout Fillets from Limestone Springs at the Great American Outdoor Show!  

Deep Fried Rainbow Trout Fillets

-6 to 8 rainbow trout fillets
-1 pint of milk
-3/4 tbsp sugar
-lemon pepper seasoning
-seafood breading
-3 tbsp flour
-peanut oil

1. Put peanut oil in deep fryer and set temperature to 360 F ̊.
2. Mix milk and sugar together in a container.
3. Mix seafood breading and flour together in a separate container.
4. Dip trout fillet in milk mixture.
5. Remove fillet from milk mixture and sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning directly onto the fillet.
6. Coat the fillet in the breading mixture on both sides and put into deep fryer.
7. Cook for 5-6 minutes or until fillet is golden brown.

If you are big into fish - cooking fish, catching fish, eating fish then you need to check these guys out here! They have a plethora of recipes. 

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