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The Sunshine State’s New Initiative to Preserve Timeless Hunting Traditions

The Sunshine State’s New Initiative to Preserve Timeless Hunting Traditions

For decades, the National Rifle Association has proudly supported millions of American hunters as they continue a time-honored tradition. We’ve pioneered and continue to improve hunter safety education while helping experienced hunters train those new to the sport, providing opportunities for youth hunters to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, introducing more women to hunting through engaging, innovative programs, and offering some of the finest outdoors experiences in the world to those looking for the hunt of a lifetime.

(Photo courtesy/Florida Sportsman)

Preserving the legacy of hunting in the United States is critical to ensuring its future, as well as maintaining important conservation and wildlife management impacts. From feeding needy families to managing pest populations, there are countless reasons why America needs safe, skilled hunters.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission understands the importance of hunting and the role it plays in the Sunshine State, joining the NRA as a champion of new hunter education. To help introduce novices to hunting, the commission has launched the MyFWC New Hunter initiative, providing important resources to jump-start a beginning in hunting.

(Photo courtesy/Not A Clue Adventures - FWC Club)

The online guide walks Florida’s new hunters through everything they need to get started, such as licensing, safety requirements, safe firearm handling, and basic introductions to wildlife and game. Included are links to important safety and education courses, including NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge, and how to get your hunting license or permits in the state. 

New hunters can also discover ranges across Florida where they can practice shooting, then find hunting grounds based on location, season, and which game they’re interested in pursuing. The online guide even provides special information about opportunities tailored for youths, women, families and hunters with disabilities to help then find the experience that’s perfect for them. 

(Photo courtesy/The Florida Wild Life)

Thanks to this incredible resource, there’s never been a better time to become a hunter in Florida. By hunting, Floridians support vital conservation efforts, from being the “eyes and ears” in the field helping the FWC understand what’s going on in the state’s most remote corners, to bringing in increased Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration funding through the purchase of their hunting licenses. 

Want to get started in the Sunshine State? Start by visiting the MyFWC New Hunter portal at http://myfwc.com/hunting/newhunter, and as always, take advantage of the NRA’s hunting programs and resources. Happy hunting, Florida!

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