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Why I'll Teach My Kids About Eddie Eagle

Why I'll Teach My Kids About Eddie Eagle

I was standing in the kitchen talking with my husband about how we are one month away from being first time parents. Thirty days away from being responsible for another person. At some point in our conversation I happened to look over and spot my range bag.

I am a new firearm owner and so is my husband. I grew up in a firearms-free household, while my husband’s father had a shotgun stored in their house; but he never saw it. It’s safe to say we both grew up outside the firearms culture.

As firearms owners with a baby on the way, seeing my range bag on the floor sparked the notion that not only my husband and I needed to practice firearm safety, but we now needed to think about how we’ll do the same for our growing family.

So, is there a guidebook on how to raise a child, particularly in a house with firearms? Not so much. I certainly have no experience with this.

I do know that I want my kids to be safe wherever they are, and to grow up healthy and happy. I want them to know what to do around firearms, and the best way for me to be able to teach them is using Eddie Eagle’s gun safety message. The greatest risk I can take as a firearm owner is allowing my firearm to get into the wrong hands, and the wrong hands could include my own child.

It is my responsibility, as a firearm owner and a parent, to talk to my kids about gun safety – just like I would about all the other wonders of life. I’ll teach my children about gun safety because some day I will also teach them how to operate a firearm.

I’ve yet to meet my little boy but I can’t wait to teach him all I know about the world. I can’t wait to let him explore and investigate all on his own and to keep him as safe as I can when he is exploring. I will take every opportunity to teach him about gun safety and what it means to respect firearms. Continue talking to your kids as frequently as you can about gun safety, too much education never hurt anyone.

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