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Lessons From The Gun Range #8: Buying A Gun Online Part 2

Lessons From The Gun Range #8: Buying A Gun Online Part 2

The call came on a rainy, glum Friday at 11:35am. My Smith & Wesson M&P had arrived safe and sound! Now, all I had to do was bring my driver’s license and a bill with my current address in, fill out a couple of forms, pay a small handling fee from the FFL and the firearm would be mine. All mine!  

Instantly my day got better. Nothing puts a smile on your face then getting a little bit closer to the purchase of your first firearm. Am I right?

After getting the call I had to wait two long weeks before I was able to get over to the FFL firearms store I had chosen. I was nervous on the drive over. I have never done this before, what would the sales associated be like? Would they scoff at me because I wouldn’t really know what I was doing? Would they be able to tell I had never bought a gun before?

When I arrived at the store, everything I needed in hand, I realized that the address on my driver’s license did not match the address on the bill that I had brought with me. Total Homer Simpson ‘DUH’ moment. Of course they had to match

Fast forward a week. A bill with my current address on it in hand I entered the store knowing that this time I would be walking out with my baby. In order to do that I had to fill out two forms; a 4473 for the Feds and a SP-65 for the State of Virginia. These forms are essentially the background check that is mandatory in order for me to walk out the door with my firearm. After filling them out and getting the green light from the system, I was all set to go. I paid the store the handling fee and got myself a snazzy little range bag at the same time.

She was finally mine.

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