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Why I Joined the NRA

Why I Joined the NRA

Every morning (ok, almost every minute of every day) I am tracking the world wide web for the latest stories and happenings to be sure I am up to date, I  mean hey, it's kind of part of the job - but today in my inbox there was an article that came to me.

A brief introductory message accompanied it...

"Hi, Here, attached, is an essay representing a legitimate NRA voice that may not have been heard as often as others, but is still important. I would like to submit this short essay, about 800 words, entitled "I am the Quiet NRA..." "

I opened it to read a heart-warming, well-written piece by Mr. Carson Gardner, a recent-NRA member. He describes the joys of his chosen quiet, nimble lifestyle and passion for his Constitutional freedoms - and why he joined the NRA. You can read his entire essay here. 

And it got me thinking...how many other people out there have written personal essays on "Why I (they/you) Joined the NRA".

I googled, and by no surprise, I found a great handful:

“With Barack Obama dialing up an assault on both gun rights and constitutional process with his executive orders this week, it is a time to stand up and be counted effectively as a member of the responsible, law-abiding gun-owning community.” – Ed Morrissey

Read Ed Morrissey's article here

"I joined because the state-worshiping thugs on the other side are doubling down, and they still own most of the media and the machinery of the Federal government.”– Eric Raymond

Read Eric Raymond's article here

“Any group that’s on the receiving end of that much hatred just for doing the right thing is a group worth joining.” – John Hawkins

Read John Hawkins article here

"For all of these reasons, that's why now more than ever, we need to protect the second amendment. That's why now more than ever, we need the NRA.” – Wayne Allen Root

Read Wayne Allen Root's article here

Did you recently join the NRA? Have you been a life-long member? We want to hear your stories too. Email us at [email protected] or leave your comments below! 

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