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Yarr! We're Settin' Sail Fer Th' National Police Shooting Championships We Are

Yarr! We're Settin' Sail Fer Th' National Police Shooting Championships We Are

Ahoy matey! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day and th' NRABlog is fixin' to oblige. This weekend our crew is readyin' to set sail for Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment... 'n plunder!

Now before ya draw yer cutlass 'n make us walk the plank fer turnin' into land lubbers, let us explain why we're droppin' anchor in the desert. Albuquerque is hostin' the National Police Shooting Championships fer th' next four days 'n hundreds 'o salty dogs is turnin' up from all seven seas to wager their aim is true and sail home with the booty.

Senior U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz has been the 'ardest and most cunnin' lawman of 'em all six times in the past seven years. He's outshot thousands 'a right proper officers and he ain't fixin' to let up. Ya best know the scurvy dog is back this year sniffin' for a seventh title and anyone lookin' to plunder the prize table has to get through him.

As fer the shootinest women in law enforcement, LAPD Detective Stephanie Diaz is a six-time High Woman champion also lookin' to bring home a seventh treasure chest 'erself. Accordin' to Diaz, the trick to winnin' is to go out and knock everyone's 'eads on the scoreboard the first day so they know how 'ard you are and shiver their timbers until you come in first.

Since 'er maiden voyage in 1962, NPSC has been the top police shootin' competition in th' known world. We're excited to get out thar 'n show ye how it all plays out in 2015... 'n to ditch our sea legs 'n speak like land lubbers again tomorrow. Arrr!

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