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What Are You Carrying Today?

What Are You Carrying Today?

When we heard our Hunter Services Department was getting ready for a duck hunt we just had to stop by and see what gear they were bringing along. Fortunately we convinced them to spread some of it out for another edition of What Are You Carrying Today. So, what were they carrying?

1) Waders – Make sure you have the right foot/chest size and neoprene thickness. They will keep you warm and dry.
2) Neoprene Vest – This one keeps you dry, warm and shells are at the ready.
3) Sitka Boreal Jacket – When it gets cold we have found this one is the best in class! 
4) Duck Strap – Keep YOUR ducks separated. Also helps you carry them home.
5) Decoys – These are handmade cork decoys.
6) Inflatable Life Jacket – It packs well and does not get in the way of setting decoys and working a tiller motor.
7) Gloves – One pair of cloth and one pair of neoprene. Use the neoprene for anything water related and keep the cloth gloves in your waders waistband so they are dry and warm.
8) Gear Bag – Get one that will hold all your stuff. Duck hunters tend to have a lot of stuff.

They had so much to lay out we couldn't fit it all in one photo!

1) Shotgun shells – Remember no lead!!
2) Benelli Super Black Eagle – Our Pro’s favorite for ducks! 
3) Stoeger 12 Gauge – A great choice for those that prefer an under over shotgun for ducks. 
4) Jerk String – Movement, movement, movement! That makes all the difference in finishing ducks!
5) Special Friends – These are handmade Charles Jobes wooden decoys that have the ashes of past hunting dogs inside. They go on every hunt. Traveller and Ranger RIP!!! 
6) Floating Gun Case – Keep that gun covered and protected until you are ready to hunt.
7) Calls – Can you ever have enough???
8) Head Lamp from 5.11 – Keep your hands free to set decoys, drive the boat, etc. This is by far the best one we have tested. Bright, stable and we love the battery gauge. 
9) Hand warmers – Cold wet hands are not fun. These in your pocket feel nice on wicked days!

So there you have it. What do you take duck hunting?

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