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Safety First While Shopping This Holiday Season

Safety First While Shopping This Holiday Season

With only a few more days left before Christmas, lots of people are out and about trying to finish their shopping. We can all get wrapped up in the chaos and fun, but always remember to put safety first. Criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to steal your personal information and money...so here are some tips to being a proactive shopper:

In-store Shopping

Be Cautious With Purses and Wallets 

  • If you carry a purse, don’t let it hang by your side in such a way that a robber could run up and easily grab it. Carry your purse in front of you or hold it close to your body. 
  • In the situation where a criminal confronts you, and asks for your belongings, you should already know what your response will be. Will you comply, flee or fight? It is important to decide this in advance so your response is automatic.
  • Law enforcement authorities recommend keeping a small amount of cash in an easily-accessible pocket or in your purse to satisfy criminals who are primarily interested in taking your cash.

Approaching Your Car

  • Always park in a well-lit location, preferably near the entrance of the building or mall.
  • Avoid filling your arms with packages, equipment or personal belongs when you go to your car. Approach your car with your keys out and ready to use in case you need to hit the panic button or get into your vehicle quickly.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask a security guard to escort you to your car. Guards are accustomed to receive such requests and will be glad to help.

Tips brought to you by NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim Program. For more information and to find a seminar near you please visit rtbav.nra.org or email [email protected].

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